A formulary- the perfect storm.


Just as in the film – several factors collide to form a perfect storm – and the same can be said for formularies within the NHS.

In Jeremy Hunt’s speech at the NHS Alliance conference he focussed on the need to introduce new technologies quickly into the NHS. Did me immediately think he was talking about gizmos and telehealth? Perhaps, but I think that he was also talking about new medicines and in particular medicines recommended by NICE.
David Nicholson wrote to all PCTs and clearly said that he wanted the PCTs to publish a formulary on line that demonstrated their compliance with NICE recommendations.
The NHS constitution already includes a statement that the patient has the legal right to receive a treatment recommended within a NICE TAG as long as they fit the criteria and the clinician agrees that it is an appropriate treatment, but the constitution will be strengthened.
And now Keith Ridge writes his second letter. More on the publication of formularies, more on the quick introduction of NICE approved medicines and the beginnings of a discussion that PCTs should work with the newly forming CCGs to get this right.
Getting it right is important, particularly when all provider organisations will need to publish their formulary on line as a requirement within their contracts.

So no excuse now – start reviewing your formulary mechanism, publish your NICE compliant formulary and hope that you match the NICE Best Practice Guidance on formulary development which is due very soon.

Take a look at the second letter that Keith Ridges sent, share your views. 


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