Letters fly, but what do they tell us?

This letter from Keith Ridge is an interesting one in a flow of comments and instructions. If you haven’t had the privilege of receiving one I have put a link at the bottom.

Written to all Chief Pharmacists and SHA prescribing leads as a follow up from previous letters from both Keith Ridge and Sir David Nicholson.

What have I learnt?

A key part of the Prime Ministers strategy to secure economic growth is to encourage the NHS to spend more money on technologies. Pity the medicines managers get in the way of that one!
All NICE technology appraisal recommendations need to be incorporated automatically into formularies. No mention of three months here – so automatic – does that mean at once and without question? And with the clear reference to IHW I would associate ‘no barriers’ to that one.

The RPS will be involved in the collaborative and sign the concordat to improve implementation of NICE guidance. Now that is a new and interesting role for the Professional body that we are members off – well fewer than I thought now people actually ask to borrow my journal.
A reminder that everyone has to publish a formulary by April 1st 2013. Initially for PCTs but obviously need to be on behalf of CCGs. No point publishing one day and taking it down the next. Nothing about providers here, but clearly said that it would be part of their contract next year. And this might allow us to understand the obscure reference to a hospital.
PCTs and CCGs to work together to review formulary processes – obviously in line with NICE best practice guidance. This in itself offers some challenges in the new world of openness and integration to produce a system that might actually be robust enough to work.

I was interested in the comment about ‘area prescribing committees’. I didn’t see that so clearly written in the draft guidance – will have to wait for the finished document and see if a new section has been added.




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