A christmas tale Part III

Pharmacist Scrooge suddenly woke up and saw two men at the bottom of his bed. 

“Oh no, don’t tell me the ghosts of Christmas future”.
One man stepped forward and opened his hand. A little badge sat on his open palm. “I am the RPS fairy”. “Take this badge and wear it all the time”. Just like magic the badge jumped into the lapel of his pyjamas.
“And I am ‘the man’ “, said the other, “come with me”.
Within a flash Scrooge and ‘the man’ was in an office watching himself when a GP entered.
“Just wanted to thank you for helping me employ that pharmacist – she is fantastic – a great asset – I don’t know why I didn’t do it before. Did you know we earned all of our QoF points this year”.

He was suddenly in a front room, looking at a Christmas tree with presents under it. He recognised Tim. His Mum looked very happy. “It’s been a great year Tim. I have all the clinical work that I need in community pharmacy”. 
“Yes it has been a good year, and I don’t have to go to hospital so often now that my medicines are delivered through the community pharmacy. And that pharmacist that gives me all the support through facebook – Xrayser – cool.

In a moment he was in the Palace. “Arise Sir Dispenser – for services to your patients”
“Thank you Ma’am, and how’s the tummy”.
“Splendid, it is a pity that all my subjects don’t get this level of service”.
“Oh they do Ma’am, IBS, GORD, Dermatology and Respiratory are all commissioned services”.
“Splendid – oh and Philip will be in next week for the MUR and blood pressure check”

The surroundings changed and he was again watching the accountant talking, “You have turned the business around”.
“Yes”, said the community pharmacist, “the transition fund just helped me to feel safe. I now have two clinical pharmacists and I will have to build a new consultation room soon. Income from dispensing is still falling, but clinical has gone through the roof”.

A door opened and two men in suites spoke “Have you seen the news Boris – ‘massive boost to the economy – investment from the life sciences industries’. Another term?”
“Hmmm – don’t mind if I do”

He looked through another door and saw Sophie with her tutor. “I can’t wait to start in my new job. Things have changed so much. Loads of interesting opportunities, I can’t make up my mind where I want to work. Her eyes sparkled and the tutor said “perhaps you will come back and help me, student numbers are up again”.

A representative from the pharmaceutical industry – no – he didn’t usually see them. And there he was looking at slides. “This training program is great” he heard himself say, “When will the first set of GPs see them?”.
“Next week we have the consultant from the local hospital dealing with questions and explaining the referral criteria”.
“Fantastic, well done”. He couldn’t believe his ears, but what was that? A little badge in the representative’s lapel. It glowed and sparkled – a little green cross.

And again, he saw himself in a room and listened to himself speaking, ” The hospital have been working closely with the community pharmacists and the practice pharmacists to deliver medicines reconciliation and NMR and now every patient gets a face to face medicines review or MUR with a pharmacist”. “Seven new services off the ground and we are working with several charities to deliver supervised self-care through community pharmacy. And the public health initiatives are starting to reduce the determinants of poor health”. 
“Absolutely fantastic, admissions are down, referrals are down, patient satisfaction is up and the prescribing budget is still tracking to break even”. “Our first year as a clinical commissioning group has gone so well, we are so pleased with your work.”

“I see”, said Pharmacist Scrooge, “you are ‘the man’, you came out and showed us the way to optimisation”, “No, I didn’t really need to. Once I explained that the currency of medicines optimisation was admissions and referrals, everyone knew what to do”.

Pharmacist Scrooge found himself in his bed again. The RPS fairy was still at the bottom of his bed.
“So, was the badge magic” he asked.
“No” said the fairy “it just helps you remember that you are a member of the greatest profession on earth”.

And as Pharmacist Scrooge drifted of to sleep, he could be heard saying, “I knew that, the greatest profession……..”


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