The commitment to a medicine

Just like the advert ‘a dog is not just for Christmas’ it encourages us to think of the long term issues of owning a dog, many medicines are not to be taken short term either.

For me it was a shock when my GP suggested that I needed to take a medicine, probably for the rest of my life. It was a medicine for blood pressure and it is not as if I did not appreciate the issue. Actually I was rejected at the gym – they wouldn’t let me do anything until I had been seen my GP. I am a pharmacist and it is not as if I don’t understand the risks.

But it was still a shock. Being a pharmacist we did discuss options – well he virtually allowed me to choose what I wanted to take. So shared discussion making at its best?

Even then the medicine sat on the table for the first few days before I took the first one. Oh and before you ask I also have a tendency to gout – it hurts like hell so I take those with no trouble. But for these, I had no symptoms and they had no effect and the ‘events’ seemed a long way off.

After a few months I did stop the pills and spent a few months thinking and wanting to try other things. No one chased me, even though I did not get the anti hypertensives dispensed, not offered me advice.

At last I decided that it was the best option. I could lose more weight and go to the gym more often, but I had to take the medicines.

So I started again. Compliance was easy for me. I can see the difference, get them out of the packet and I take a glass of water to bed and take my tablets before I throw the water away. Simple.

I made up my own mind in my own time. And came to the same conclusion as my GP. And as a pharmacist I knew it was the right thing to do from day 1.

Just a quick reflection on my story and look out for the next blog in the series


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