1,700,000 serious prescribing errors and we don’t care

The MMP Blog

In general practice an estimated 1.7 million serious prescribing errors occurred in 2010. This was presented in a report to the General Medical Council following the PRACtiCE study in 2012. I could go on and describe the number of patients who are admitted to hospital caused by avoidable adverse reactions to medicines, the number of medication incidents reported to the NPSA that involved actual patient harm, the £500,000,000 or more we spend on care for patients who have missed their desired outcomes from medicines and the £300,000,000 of medicines we waste every year.

I say that we don’t care. Perhaps we do, but obviously not enough to do something about it. So what are we thinking? What are we doing? Where is the culture of seeing problems and sorting things out? Or are we still denying problems exist and still trying to find someone to blame?

There is a section…

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