A patient called Alice and the Cheshire Pharmacist

The MMP Blog

The pharmacist grinned when he saw Alice. He looked good-natured, she thought. A white coat and a broad smile, she though he ought to be treated with respect. She held out her prescription.

‘Will it work’ asked Alice.

‘Well that all depends on what you are wanting it to do?’ replied the Cheshire Pharmacist, ‘of course it will work if you take enough of it’

‘But will it make me feel better’ asked a rather frustrated Alice.

‘Feel better? Now that is a totally different question’. ‘You will probably feel something, but I can’t say whether it will make you feel better’

Alice tried a different question ‘what sort of people live about here?

The pharmacist waved his hand round ‘lives a doctor: and in that direction,’ waving the other hand, ‘lives you. Visit either you like: they’re both mad.’

‘Mad’ said Alice, ‘we aren’t mad’. ‘How do you know…

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