NHS Groundhog day

Is it only me that thinks that NHS Groundhog day has arrived. Another meeting, discussing the same problems, with the same people, a different facilitator, but the same sticky pads, the same ideas and the same solutions.

So we now call it transformation, but as a pharmacist, I get the same looks of surprise when I speak and the same response. It is all about doctors and nurses – didn’t you know? We add social care, housing, other primary care contractors just to be politically correct. Although I do notice that the optometrists, dentists, paramedics didn’t turn up. We have to reinvest our money in ‘primary care’ – meaning general practice rather than the other three primary care contractors – perhaps that’s the reason whey they don’t turn up. And the money is going to come from secondary care – fat chance of that when demand for secondary care is riding high.

No patients here either – so much for the patient-centred approach!

The next time I am going to check just who is here and if it represents the equity and diversity of the local providers of health and social care. And if I have time, I will check if it also represents the equity and diversity of the local population around which the services are going to magically transform.

Wait – here comes the summary…….



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