The size of my letter box

This is a big problem – or rather it is too small and this leads to it being a big problem. I want to be able to order my medicines on-line, pay the prescription tax on line and get them delivered every other month to my house. It is all possible and would be very convenient to me and hundreds of thousands of others who have long term conditions.

The problem is the size of my letterbox. It is not smaller than anyone else’s – actually it came with the door so I assume that it is standard size. But I doubt that it is possible for 6 boxes of pills in a package to fit through. The phrase ‘it will be there in a jiffy’ is actually the problem – the postie can’t get the jiffy through my letterbox.

This is not just a problem I have with medicines – it is common to other on-line deliveries.

Unfortunately I can’t always be in the house and many just give me the day of delivery or perhaps a 5 hour delivery slot. HoF and JL will ring you an hour before delivery – nice – at least I can go out on a short leash. And the grocery companies can give you a one hour evening delivery slot if you ask. Doing a bit of gardening to pass the time, I have experienced watching the Parcel Force van disappear into the distance in the time it took me to take of my rubber gloves and get to the front door.

I suggested putting a parcel by the back gate to find that it had been thrown over the gate and it was wet and damaged. I suggested putting a package through the catflap and they blocked it so the cats couldn’t get out to do their business, if you know what I mean.

So unless the postie is happy to unpack the jiffy bag and pass each box individually through the letter box – which I would be totally happy with – it just won’t work.

I also know many people on so called high cost medicines that have to rely of the hospitals and the plethora of home delivery companies. They have the same problem having to wait in for the cold chain delivery. If you ask them, many will say it is a nuisance.

My local pharmacy may be the solution – at least I can pick up my medicines from them at a time that is convenient to me. They deliver to my elderly neighbour – absolute pillars of the community – they could leave my medicines under her care – hmmm perhaps not – when my last car was delivered she almost signed for it. I don’t know why people can’t pick up their high cost cold chain items at the same time or have them delivered with their regular medicines – ridiculous. Has anyone thought of delivering all of my medicines and other on-line purchases with my groceries?

I am seriously thinking about installing a locked refrigerated box outside my house with a big one way opening for the delivery of all packages to my house. It may be unsightly, but it may just make things a bit more convenient.


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