Partnership in immunisation

A GP and a community pharmacist were sitting in the coffee shop – well sitting in the bar would sound like the start to a joke.

The GP says – “you know I hate flu immunisation. We have so many to do the practice is absolutely full; they are expanding the numbers all the time, then moan when we don’t surpass the targets. We have to put on extra clinics and are even thinking about opening at the weekend – but with all the overheads we are hardly likely to break even”.

The Pharmacist says – “Ha – I hate Saturday afternoon and Sunday. We are open and you are closed, it is hardly worth it for me, but it is part of my contract”.

A lightbulb moment!

“How about running the additional flu clinic in the pharmacy. You book patients in on a Saturday and Sunday. Double book them and your nurse and the duty pharmacist can alternate patients so we both make some money”.

“Hmm”, smiled the GP, “and I wouldn’t need to open up”.

“No, and while the patients are waiting they might get some advice on other common conditions or even buy something”.

“Sounds like a good arrangement to me”, Agreed the GP. However, last year one of the practice nurses had an accident and went sick, if it happens again could you help me out?”

“OK – I have three pharmacists that work for me, I am sure I can arrange for one to do some of your clinics if you cover their costs”.


Now why doesn’t it work like this everywhere?


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