Go Pharmacy

It is 20 past 8 and all of the staff are in early for the meeting in our specially designed meeting area towards the back of the pharmacy.

“Today’s topic is ‘nipples'” which gets the usual mix of shock and giggles. Today we have the Mums and babies group and sore, cracked nipples are very important. A quick description of the issue and then to the products that we sell for this condition and how they should be used. A very short explanation about milk expression and short term bottle feeding for situation where the mum really wants a day’s rest from breast-feeding and a reminder that Sue is leading this, but it is a grade 2 intervention.

just for your information a grade 1 intervention and we make a note to ask the customer how things are going the next time they come in, but a grade 2 intervention means we try to collect a contact number and we actively check progress.

Just a few last points about feeding and colic, nappy rash so we are ready for lunchtime.

a quick reminder that we are all here to improve our customers health and it is off to our stations. The dispensary is already busy and this week we are focussing on offering foot care and oral hygiene advice to our customers living with diabetes.

lunchtime was busy. Two new ladies attended the meeting with their babies. Introduced them to some of the other Mums and we dealt with several problems. One of the babies had quite severe eczema and required more time to explain how deal with this and we enjoyed interaction from a couple of the mums working through this. Several have been coming since joining our anti-natal meeting where we mostly deal with reflux, posture and stretch marks.

At the end of the day we have a quick catch up and reflect on the good work. I have to praise Sue – she went beyond the call of duty today, Niti who is my rock and Betty who has such a nice way with patients and a memory like a computer. A final than you and we are on our way home.
“Well done everyone – we made a real difference to our customers”.

Working to make every day like this – community pharmacy can be such fun.


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