Year of the pharmacist 2015

I have said that 2015 will be the year of the pharmacist and it probably is the most exciting year for the profession I can remember.
18 months ago the NHS Alliance spoke about the role of the pharmacist in A&E and out of hours. Research in Birmingham is really showing the value of Pharmacist in A&E and their courses fast track pharmacists to independent prescribers with additional training. Pharmacists are well established in GP out of hours services in the services run by Mark Spencer one of the NHS Alliance leads.
The NHS Alliance produced their report Pharmacists and General Practice 12 months ago. Now everyone is talking about pharmacists in General Practice and the NHS England is oversubscribed.
The NHS Alliance lead Jonathan Sergeant has led the way with community pharmacies linking to GP practices with read/write access to medical records and delivering services in the pharmacy.
From years and years of hearing that pharmacists are one of the most underused professions we are now seeing considerable support and movement. Even today the minister responsible for pharmacy mentioned the benefits of pharmacists within General Practice.
However we must not sit back – there is plenty to do to make sure that pharmacists develop clinical roles in all settings. The most important, perhaps is within community pharmacy. It may seem the most obvious, but the contract is a nightmare and the way forward is not clear.
Will 2016 be the year of the community pharmacist?


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