How many children have to die?

This has just got to stop. Another child dies from inadvertent methadone overdose. Another serious incident report. Another troubled family destroyed.

It would be crass to draw comparisons with the evil that visited Dunblaine 20 years ago – so I won’t do it. But methadone causes a Dunblaine every two years.

We seem to fail to implement NICE guidance which clearly asks us to consider the family situation when a product to support the recovery process is chosen. Everyone knows that methadone is dangerous. It kills children. There are safer alternatives.

Why should I be angry?

Methadone is chosen because it is cheap and convenient.

There is an alternative that is inherently safer in overdose

Services provide a safe for parents to reduce the risk rather than a safer medicine

Services accept the death of a few children as collateral damage

please, please, please can we stop using methadone when there might be children around.

Just for my understanding – where does the death of a child fit within the recovery from addiction?



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