Connect2pharma to the rescue?

Well we could hardly say that, however…..

The Pharmacy cuts are coming through as we expected – 12% for the final four months – and then reshaped to give further cuts next year. It will be a real body blow for pharmacies that rely heavily on their NHS funding and have been slow to secure alternative revenue streams.

We at Connect2pharma recognised the threat and started developing new revenue streams for community pharmacy based on the delivery of clinical services. It would be unfair to hit pharmacy when it is already down – so there is no charge to register on and you can download the parcels of care free of charge.

We have tried to make it as simple as possible. With each parcel of care come posters, leaflets and training guides and links to suppliers – some of which offer a significant discount to community pharmacy.

The PSNC leads a battle with NHS England over funding and, sincerely, we wish them success. But in reality community pharmacy needs to change, stepping out from behind the dispensing bench, delivering new services that turn people’s heads and capture those new revenue streams.

Don’t wait – register today


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